Investment Strategy

Global macro decisions.
AI-assisted execution.

We combine the strengths of fundamental insights with quantitative discipline. Our investment decisions employ global macro strategies and harness the advantage of advanced technology and complex algorithms to execute our strategies in a systematic and consistent manner, free from the shackles of human bias and error.

We seek to implement the CPS-Master Portfolio Strategy designed by Mr. Raymond Tan through CP Artificial Intelligence (CP-AI) technology. The successful integration of a proven global macro strategy and technology enhancement allows us to consistently capture more investment opportunities that might be presented round-the-clock.

CP-AI allows us to quickly adapt to shifting market conditions that might introduce risk if not responded swiftly enough. Through such an integration, we are thus able to refine trade selections to pick those that are higher probability in nature, thereby resulting in higher quality trades. The investment can hence be made in a more systematic manner using a combination of probabilistic scores and human judgement.


Important Note: CP-AI is presently not 100% automated and human intervention may be performed in order to improve profits and manage risks.

We are an alternative breed: ‘Quantamental Investing’

A proven winning formula enhanced with artificial intelligence technology.

CPS-Master Portfolio: No negative year since inception


CPS-Master Portfolio: Crisis-Proof Performance