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Embracing the Wealth Management Revolution

With 30 years of expertise in finance and technology, CP Global is well-positioned to capitalise on the industry’s transformation to unlock greater value for our clients.

Thrive in the new era with CP Global– Your trusted partner

As your trusted partner, we are committed to leverage on our decades of experience to navigate this transformation with you; providing timely solutions to ensure your investments not only adapt but thrive in the new era of finance.

In the new era of wealth management, success is likely to be reserved for the industry giants or specialised niche experts. At CP Global, we're proud to be in the latter group, with over 30 years of proven excellence.

Our drive for innovation and proprietary technologies keeps us ahead of the curve, amplifying our clients' wealth. Through tailored expertise and cutting-edge fintech integration, we pave the path to the future, revolutionising wealth management.

At CP Global, our adaptability unlocks new opportunities, helping your investments thrive in the evolving world of wealth management.


Wealth Management Solutions as Unique as Your Fingerprint

Our growing suite of capabilities is a reflection of our dynamic approach to wealth management. With a robust portfolio of proprietary solutions and specialist partners across the region, we cater to the evolving needs of our private clients.


Timely Innovations to Stay Ahead

Innovation isn't just a buzzword at CP Global; it's our operational blueprint. From the integration of AI and blockchain technologies to the development of digital investment platforms, our commitment to innovation ensures we stay ahead, delivering cutting-edge solutions that keep you ahead.

Be a Better Investor

Airo's technology tailors investment portfolios based on your finances, risk tolerance, and goals, working tirelessly to protect and enhance your wealth around the clock.

Your Trusted Connection to Global Markets

Trade over 100 currency pairs, stocks, indices, metals, energy, and commodities on the user-friendly Nexus Fintrade platform.

An Interactive Digital Universe

Coming soon: The next-gen Metaverse - A world of opportunities, collaboration, and sharing in an interactive digital universe.


Ushering in a Revolutionary Era for Alternative Investments

Fund tokenisation transforms alternative investments by making them more accessible, efficient, and transparent. By leveraging blockchain technology, it democratises access, streamlines processes, and provides real-time visibility, marking a significant shift in how investments are managed and participated in.

For You, For Us, For the Future.


More Than Clients, We Are Partners.

At the heart of CP Global is our private network — a vibrant community of clients who share our vision for the future.

As members of the CP Community, you gain access to exclusive opportunities, insights, and events that extend beyond the conventional client-manager relationship.


Simplifying Access to Private Market Investments for Our Clients

Building on our founding philosophy, our innovative alternative investment model extends our tradition of providing our clients with access to timely investment solutions, consistent with our longstanding commitment to stay ahead of the curve.

The CP Community: Your Gateway to an Exclusive Network of Opportunities

1994 – 2024

30 Years of Innovation and Performance

As we mark three decades of unparalleled service, our vision for the future has never been clearer or more exciting. Leveraging generations of insights, we empower you to navigate the future with confidence, turning possibilities into certainties.


A History BuiltOn Trust and Achievement

From our humble beginnings, our mission has remained steadfast: Empowering client success across generations. Our journey, marked by foresight and adaptability, underscores the trust and loyalty within our CP Community.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

– Charles Darwin


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