Evolving Into A Technology-focused Company Will Define Our Next 25 Years

Today, in fact, over the past decade, we are living in a world where change is constantly accelerating. Change that is driven by the exponential growth and adoption of technology, and in its path, new and innovative business models emerge, grabbing market share away from incumbent companies or even rendering them obsolete, by offering products and services, better, faster, cheaper and at times, even free-of-charge.

If we look at the financial services and wealth management industry, it has not been spared from this change either. Fintech innovators from all around the world are re-defining the way in which we store, save, borrow, invest, move, spend and protect money. And the imminent disruption that it will cause is fuelled and accelerated by huge amounts of venture capital money pouring in, all in hopes of investing in the next tech unicorn (billion dollar valuation) company.

For us, we have long anticipated the impact of technology disruption, and have already embarked on leveraging new technologies across all aspects of our business since many years back.

Why is this important? And more specifically, why are we focused on investing in innovation and venturing into technology-centric business models?

1. Our commitment to focus on technology R&D, transformation, and new developments to enhance all areas of our business will help us to remain relevant and competitive. Not only to attract and serve a wider group of investors, but to be able to continuously meet the evolving needs of our existing clients.

2. Our continued investments into technology ventures will position us directly in the center of the greatest wealth creation opportunity of our generation. This puts us in a position to provide investment vehicles for our clients to gain access to these new wealth creation opportunities.

3. And most importantly, we are confident that our wealth of experience, proven investment capabilities, and growing team of professionals, already puts us ahead of many competitors in the market. So while we are not a “big financial institution” (it was never our business philosophy to be one), we remain confident that we have the skills, team, and resources to excel not just as an investment management company, but as a finance technology company.

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